OmniPlan 3 Examine App

Happy with the product and happier with the vendor

I have both this and OmniGraffle as I wanted to be able to view and work with Project and Visio documents on my MacBook, and there are no versions of these products from Microsoft for the Mac (and I don’t want to deal with a dual-boot setup). I’ve been happy enough with these both, though I will still be doing a lot of polishing and collaboration in the Microsoft products with these documents. The vendor has been VERY engaged when I have reported bugs and have asked for example documents so that they can do QA. These products are good now and I am very optimistic that the vendor will work to correct some of of the import/export problems that I see, which are relatively minor.

Effective and visual planning

This planning software is simple to start using and quickly helped me get projetcts under control. The pro version offers lots of in-depth analytics, but the standard version does everything I need for now! The automatic optimization of scheduling is a great check for manually-planned projects. I am not going to manage another project without OmniPlan!

exceptional value

I use both MS Project ($550+), and Omniplan 3 ($300) daily to run multi million dollar waterfall style projects. I recently purchased a new mbp, and was surprised when I went to re-install Omniplan from the AppStore that it had a dismal rating.. I was concerned but as I read the reviews it became clear that the product has not changed rather that the reviewers are complaining about the model into which Apple provided for the Omni Group to release their product. I understand the value of VPP (having run a 450+ person organization) and the complaints of time wasted setting up new vendors however you can't rate OmniPlan for the software distribution model provided by Apple. This inspired me to write a review to help steer other users towards a good product. I much prefer the interaction mechanisms with OmniPlan to that of the MS Alternative. OmniPlan 3 is a stable and mature product, it delivers exactly what TOG puts on the box: project planning, data organization, reports, Monte Carlo Simulation (which is super neat), time lines, critical path identification, and resource analysis which is exceptional. thank you Omni Group for making a product that continues to allow one to use a Mac in an otherwise all Windows world. +1 to one of the reviewers comments.. "thick" bars would be nice to have.. support is top notch - and has fixed more than a few of my bugs over the years. and yes.. charge for MSP reading and writing.. it helps pay for the quality software support. $300 is a great price point. $150 is even better for an upgrade from v2. kudos TOG and keep on developing (and supporting) great products!

Super Whack

This app started and made sure I knew about the in app options but thats it. The Trial never went any further. Total bust

Cannot open

I cannot even open this application. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, click to open and it just sits at the bottom of my screen as if it is open. Would be happy to change my rating but I simply cannot even use the app.

can't test opening MS project documents

so... the 2 week preview solution is limited... must buy pro version to import MPP files. I can't test if I can open,manipulate, and save/distribute MPP files - My only criteria for purchase. Can't test. Can't buy.

Simple to learn but surprisingly powerful and sophisticated

I strted using Omniplan because a vendor was able to turn around schedules for me very quickly and they really liked it. I started with the standard version but later upgraded to the pro version when I needed the extra features—and I’m really glad I did. I’ve read some bizarre reviews that imply that Omni is trying to push the app as ‘free’ and then upsell you directly to the pro version—that’s nuts. Nobody is going to give you an app like this for free, and they really bend over backwards to let you try the app before you spend any money; far less money than what microsoft asks for MS Project. This app is simple enough to learn the basics and start putting out informative plans very quickly but it has a lot of features that you can uncover over time as you need them. There may be a few things I’d still like to see, but overall the product is reallly well designed and robust and I’ve built up a group of templates that now dramatically shorten the time it takes to develop plans and cost them out. I’ve been using project planning software for a long time (since the 90’s) and this is the best design I’ve seen. I recommend it to everybody who asks.

Loved the software before the update...

I paid for the software when I downloaded the OmiPlan 2 version and after the upgrade to v3 it doesn’t let me restore the purchases, nor lets me get a discount for the upgrade! What am I supposed to do, pay you another $150???

Easy to Use & World Class Support

Simple and easy to use, but with enough features for serious planning. I use this software in wide range of applications. From putting together a few simple milestones to align on roles and responsibilites with a small group to putting together a complex multi year project that require collaboration from multiple departments. Pros- Built in reports are clean, informational and breeze to export and share with teams on progress of projects. Dashboard feature is nice to see how multiple projects stack up with resources Monte Carlo simulation is a great feature. So far, they have proved more accurate than some of my planning Awesome support team- quick to reply and quick to resolve issues Cons- I can’t think of any right now.

Argh! I cannot buy it

Given that its sold into enterprises - folks wanting an alternative to MS Project… only having in-app purchases is impossible since VPP (Volume Purchaes Program) does not support that. And don’t ask me to go through a two month vendor management review to add a vendor to buy this direct - not to mention that tracking licensing for non-app store apps is a major pain that we try to avoid wherever possible. It would be useful to submit 2 apps - one a direct purchase and one an in-app model. Off to look at other options.

Free to download, but actually only trial version of a $300 app

Looks like it is a free app, but actually ony a trial version. Non-trial version is $300, which is more than any other app I have seen in the App Store. Basically this is "OmniPlan Pro Trial” and it should be named accordingly. I have no intention to even test it knowing that it will expire in two week. Will just search for another tool that does the same thing!

I like your app, but..

I would like to get “thick” bars like in the iPad version, is this possible in the OS X version?

Shame about the price

This app is really well written and easy to use. One, huge issue… You have pay $300 to get the ability to read and write MS Project files.

Powerful, flexible and reliable alternative to MSProject!

I’ve spent a lot of time seeking a viable Mac alternative to MS Project, and OmniPlan has grown into precisely that, particularly with OmniPlan 3. I do quite a bit of professional scheduling work (I’m an engineer, granted, not a PM), and find OmniPlan is wholly capable of everything I need from it, including some fairly elaborate estimation and analysis functionality. I continually have to interoperate with MSProject users, and am also very satisfied with OmniPlan 3’s capabilities there. Every version has improved very substantially, yet license and upgrade pricing remain very reasonable (particularly when compared to MSProject itself). I strongly recommend anyone seeking corporate-grade project management and scheduling capabilities on Mac take a look at OmniPlan!

Getting to the Pro Level

Love the look and Feel of Omniplan! Love the fact that they added Earned Value into the product and also network Diagrams (2 significant features for good PMs). LOVE the fact that I can do a PERT based estimation of a task (best, normal, worst) for each line! Like the monte carlo simulations (great work on this by the way!) Some things I would like to see: More pictures for the reporting (the reporting is good, but give me some line graphs for the Earned Value tracking) Risk Tracking - Please add the ability to create a risk against a task with the standard, likelyhood, impact, mitigation plan, etc. Even if you just give me a tab and some basics, would like to keep risk tracking in a single tool instead of creating another spreadsheet for that. Rating a solid 4 stars. Good product, but with just a bit more polish and a few more features it would knock MS Project off the radar.

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